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Receiving and Sharing the Word

We hear this advice given from an experienced leader in the church to a young man he is handing responsibility off to. We hear how Scripture and Preaching help us and prepare us for the works God would have us do. Preached in the North Peace over Zoom, December 6 2020.

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Psalm 122

Expository sermon on Psalm 122. Advent I 2022.

The Image of the King

Today we celebrate that Christ is our King, that he reigns. In the horros and banalities of life how can we always say this?

The Parable of the Lost Sheep

Jesus is challenged in Luke 15 as to why he spends so much time with disreputable people. In this sermon we see how God seeks and rejoices in finding the lost. Preached in the Parish of the North Peace September 11, 2022

Jesus in Jerusalem to Reign

Our Easter sermon at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Taylor, BC 2022. We see how Jesus arriving in Jerusalem did what Isaiah said the true King would do. He prepared a feast for all people. He destroyed the power of sin and death. He gave comfort to the weeping.

What Did Jesus’s Death Do?

What does Jesus’s death do? I want to discuss the four popular views of the atonement and a fifth I think shouldn’t be neglected as we consider our Saviour’s death.

The End of the Mana

A story of one grace giving way to another and of God's faithfulness to his promise.

Love Your Enemies

In Ottawa this weekend, at least at the time I printed my sermon, 76 bank accounts have been frozen, 147 people have been arrested, 22 drivers licenses have been revoked. Divisions in our nation have been made plain and deepened. In this context we hear the voice of our God: “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you”

The Most Excellent Way

We pay a lot of lipservice to love, it motivates, inspires, challenges and changes us. In today's sermon we hear a vision from St. Paul of a particular kind of love, charity, that is supposed to define those who have received Jesus's mercy. Preached in the Parish of the North Peace January 30, 2022.

Nehemiah 8

This week we hear a story of restoration after scattering, we remember how the hearing of God's Word reshaped a community. The wood carving of Ezra the priest used as an image is by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld from 1860.

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