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Taste and see that the Lord is good

God’s Sadness

Today we look at God’s sadness, what this sadness says about us, what it offers, what it reveals to us about the God we worship. Preached at Good Shepherd, Taylor and St. Martin’s, Fort St. John.

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Faith: What it is. What it does.

Just because we use a word doesn’t mean we know what it means. Today we look at how Hebrews 11 explains faith more deeply. Preached at Good Shepherd, Taylor and St. Matthias, Cecil Lake August 11, 2019.

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Anglicanism 101

In June 2018 I did a four part lecture series on Anglicanism at St. Peter’s Comox. Audio links can be found here.

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Women’s Conference 2019-Deborah

There is perhaps nothing more exhausting than a lack of consistent leadership. Problems get solved in four places at the same time by different people with different solutions. Or situations go on and on unresolved because noone assumes responsibility for addressing a difficult situation. Standards get relaxed. Feelings get hurt. People get ignored. Bullied.

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Desire-Passion Sunday

A sermon on Mark 20:20-28 Preached at St. David’s in Prince Albert on Passion Sunday 2019. There were baptisms following after.

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On Observing a Holy Lent

Preached at various churches in the Diocese of Saskatchewan, Ash Wednesday 2019.

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Peace, Be Still

Preached at St. David’s in Prince Albert Saskatchewan

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An Offering

My final sermon as curate at St. Peter’s Comox, December 30, 2018. 

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Everything Will Fall

Jesus’s disciples remember a big beautiful building. I remember a big beautiful building. How does the fall of great buildings, the end of what seems solid and strong provoke in us anxiety and indifference? How does God’s apocalyptic Word turn everything on its head?

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