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Taste and see that the Lord is good

Receiving and Sharing the Word

We hear this advice given from an experienced leader in the church to a young man he is handing responsibility off to. We hear how Scripture and Preaching help us and prepare us for the works God would have us do. Preached in the North Peace over Zoom, December 6 2020.

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A meditation on 1 Peter 4 and 5

Thither Ascend

A celebration in the exaltation of our Lord preached for St. Martin's Fort St John.

Have an Answer for the Hope

A meditation on 1 Peter 3.

Building a Tower in an Earthquake

A meditation on 1 Peter 2:4-25.

Holding On and Letting Go

A meditation on 1 Peter 1:13-2:3.

Upon This Rock

Preached in the Parish of the North Peace, Easter I, 2023. The first in a series on 1 Peter.

In the Octave

During the octave of Easter we had a festival of lessons and praise in Fort St John in 2023. This is the Easter sermon preached at that service.

Easter 2023

A celebration of Jesus's resurrection. Preached in the North Peace, 2023.

The King’s Death

A meditation on Jesus's death upon the cross for Good Friday, 2023.

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