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Everything Will Fall

Jesus’s disciples remember a big beautiful building. I remember a big beautiful building. How does the fall of great buildings, the end of what seems solid and strong provoke in us anxiety and indifference? How does God’s apocalyptic Word turn everything on its head?

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Can I sit next to you?

What kind of leader is Jesus? How does his reign transform our relationship with power? How does he bring us close to him? Preached @ St. Peter’s Comox October 21, 2018

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Prayer in the Book of Job

This piece is part of a series called “The Conversation” a longer look at how the prayers of the bible teach us and shape our prayer lives.

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Reaching in Hope

A father brings his daughter’s plight to Jesus, a woman who has been struggling for twelve years reaches out. What do we do with our attention? When despair is real how do we reach out in hope?

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Redeeming Busy-ness

Life is busy. It seems like times of rest need to be excused or justified. What does God’s provision of the Sabbath offer us? How might it set us free?

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On Being a Branch


Who doesn’t love grapes? In this sermon we look at Jesus’s explanation of how he is a vine, and we are the branches of the vine. We look at his love for us, how we relate to that love, and what it means for how we live together. Preached May 5, 2018 @ St. Peter’s Comox

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Snake on a Stick

Snakes make some people uncomfortable. So does anger. How do we receive and process God’s anger as people made new by his love?

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Interrupted in an Upward Direction

When we are closed up to everything sometimes an interruption helps us to hear. This is a story of the God who interrupts us so we can hear the comfort we need. Preached @ St. Peter’s Comox Feb. 4, 2018.

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Meaty Stuff: On Idols, Demons and Division

Have you ever talked with someone who loves bacon about bacon? Food gets contentious, it gets controversial. Walk with God and his people in this sermon as they struggle over food, as they seek out how to handle division in their community, as they seek to let Jesus be their king. I also get meta and talk about sermons in a sermon. Preached @ St. Peter’s Comox Jan. 28, 2018.

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